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Quinn Update [15 Months]

Our sweet Quinn turned 15 months old today so I thought I would do an update about what she's currently into, doing, saying, etc! This is probably a first time mom thing, but I'm always so impressed by the littlest things she learns to do.

I don't even want to say how her sleep is going because I'd hate to jinx it but it has been perfect! Literally, perfect. Around 7:30 pm, I ask her if she wants to go night-night. She responds with "ni-ni" and trots off to her room. She stands by her crib and reaches her arms towards the ceiling and says "up" until I pick her up and put her in the crib. She sleeps until about 7 or 7:30 am. She takes a two to three hour nap a day as well. I still let her have her pacifier at night but I feel like she doesn't really use it. I need to just take it away but her sleep is so ideal right now that I'm having a hard time making myself. Eat
Quinn is getting pickier but sometimes is a good eater! She would live…

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